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一般社団法人 日本スクエアダンス協会

Through spread and expansion of square dance activities the lifelong sport and recreation activities be
made satisfactory from the areas to all over Japan, which contributes the people to lead a healthy and
rich life.

◆ Sponsoring All Japan Square Dance Convention
The dancers gather once a year from all over Japan and abroad to exchange friendship.

◆ Issuing the Association organ “Square Dance”(Japanese only) six times a year, contents of which
include dancing technique, fashion, etc. as well as square dance news.

◆ Sponsoring short courses and training classes
Various courses and classes are opened by prefecture, area and all Japan scales so that we may
have better dancers, leaders, callers of better quality.

◆ Assisting and helping jamborees, parties, etc. to be held in the various areas

◆ Making out various literal and visual materials in the technical and operational fields

If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact us.
As to question for JSDA (Japan Square Dance Association) mailto:squaredance@giga.ocn.ne.jp
As to question for this Homepage mailto:sdhiroshi@yahoo.co.jp


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