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  14. FAN THE TOP   15. EXPLODE THE WAVE (From waves only)
  16. EXPLODE AND ANYTHING (from wave only)   17. RELAY THE DEUCEY


Starting formation: Various.
Movement: The term "... & Roll" may be added to any call which, by definition, causes one or more dancers to have turning body flow to the right or left as they complete their portion of the call. It is an instruction to those dancer(s) to turn individually, in place, one quarter (90 degrees) more in the direction of body flow determined by the preceding command. Note that if "... and Roll" is added to a call, which by definition, has some dancers walking in a straight line at the completion of their portion of the call, those dancers will do nothing for the "... and Roll".
Stiling: At the completion of the movement preceding the roll (anything), release all handholds and allow the established momentum to set the direction for the solo turn in place. Arms are returned to natural dance position and ready to assume appropriate position for the next call.
Timing: 2

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Starting formation: Box Circulate.
Dancers facing in release hands with the person next to them (their "neighbor") and step straight forward, join adjacent forearms with the one they meet, and turn three-quarters (270) to become centers of a new wave. At the same time, the dancers facing out follow their "neighbors" by moving forward in a three-quarter looping turn (270), turning towards their "neighbor" to finish adjacent to their "neighbor" as the ends of the new ocean wave.
When done from right-hand boxes, the dancers facing in turn by the right hand and the dancers facing out loop around right-face, to finish in a left-hand ocean wave. When done from left-hand boxes, the dancers facing in turn by the left-hand and the dancers facing out loop around left-face, to finish in a right-hand ocean wave.
Styling: The facing in dancers use a forearm turn in the center, blending into hands up position as they meet their "neighbor" in the ocean wave. To enhance the flowing action of the dance, facing out dancers execute a flowing three quarter looping turn as opposed to an abrupt spot turn.
Timing: 6
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Starting formation - ocean wave or two-faced lines. The centers of the line or wave turn three quarters (270) while the outside dancers move forward in a quarter circle. The ending formation is at right angles to the starting formation. Centers remain centers and ends remain ends.
Styling: Center dancers use hands-up position and styling similar to that of swing thru. End dancers' arms are in natural dance position and hands are ready to assume appropriate position for the next call.
Timing: 4 steps.

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(from waves only for the Plus Program)
Starting formation - Any 4-dancer ocean wave.
Everyone releases handholds, steps forward and turns a quarter in (90) to face the adjacent dancer, and right hand pull by that person, to end as couples back-to-back.
Styling: A handshake hold is used as the dancers right hand pull by. For position orientation, hands are joined in a couple handhold at the completion of the call.
Timing: 6

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16. EXPLODE AND ... (Anything)
(from waves only for the Plus Program)

Starting formation: Any 4-dancer ocean wave.
Everyone releases handholds, steps forward and turns a quarter in (90) to face the adjacent dancer, and does the (Anything) call (e.g., Right & Left Thru, Star Thru, etc.).
Styling: In all "Explode and . . . " figures, follow the styling suggestions for each of the "and . . . " figures used.
Timing: 2 for the explode portion.

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Starting formation: Parallel Ocean Waves.
All Circulates in this definition refer to the Original Circulate path established by the ends of the original ocean waves. No dancer ever stops moving during this call; the pauses written into the definition (i.e., the action described as "half-circulate") are there for clarity of description and for teaching purposes only.
Each end and the adjacent center dancer turn one-half (180). The new centers of each ocean wave turn three-quarters (270), while the others half-circulate, forming a six-person wave and two lonesome dancers. The wave of six, working as 3 pairs, turns ?, while the others half-circulate. In the wave, the center 4 turn ?, while the other four dancers half-circulate. The wave of 6, again working as 3 pairs, turns ?, while the others half-circulate. Finally, the center 4 of the wave turn 3/4 (becoming the centers of the new waves), while the outside 4 half-circulate to become the ends of the final waves.
Styling: Basic swing thru styling is utilized for turning movements within the ocean wave formations. Circulating dancers do the circulate action with arms in natural dance position, blending to hands up ocean wave formation at the conclusion of the call.
Timing: 20

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Plus Program
PLUS LIST NO.1   1. Acy Deucy     2. Teacup Chain     3. Pin Pong Circulate     4. Load The Boat
  5. Extend
PLUS LIST NO.2   6. Peel Off     7. Linear Cycle (wave only)     8. Coodinate     9. (Anything) & Spread
10. Spin Chain The Gears     11.Track 2
PLUS LIST NO.3 12. (Anything) & Roll     13. Follow Your Neighbor     14. Fan The Top     15. Explode The Wave     16. Explode And (Anything)(wave only)     17. Relay The Deucey
PLUS LIST NO.4 18.Peel The Top     19. Diamond Circulate     20. Single Circle To A Wave     21. Trade The Wave     22.Flip The Diamond     23. Grand Swing Thru
PLUS LIST NO.5 24. Crossfire     25. All 8 Spin The Top     26. Cut The Diamond     27. Chase Right
28. Dixie Grand     29. 3/4 Tag     30. Spin Chain & Exchange The Gears     PLUS-END
Basic Program
LIST NO.1 (BASIC)   1. Dancer Naming     2. Circle Family     3. Fowerd & Back    
  4. Do Sa Do     5. Swing     6. Promenade Family (full, 1/2, 3/4)
LIST NO.2 (BASIC)   7. Allemande Family     8. Arm Turns     9. Right and Left Grand Family
10. Star Family     11. Star Promenade     12. Pass Thru
LIST NO.3 (BASIC) 13. Split The Outside Couple     14. Half Sashay Family     15. Turn Back Family     16. Separete
17. Courtesy Turn     18. Ladies Chain Family
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24. Circle to a Line
LIST NO.5 (BASIC) 25. Bend the Line     26. All Around The Corner     27. See Saw
28. Square Thru Family     29. California Twirl     30. Dive Thru
LIST NO.6 (BASIC) 31. Wheel Around     32. Thar Family     33. Shoot the Star ( regular, full around )
34. Slip the Clutch     35. Box the Gnat     36. Ocean Wave Family
LIST NO.7 (BASIC) 37. Alamo Ring Formation     38. Pass The Ocean     39. Extend ( from 1/4 tag only )
40. Swing Thru Family     41. Run Family     42. Trade Family
LIST NO.8 (BASIC) 43. Wheel And Deal     44. Double Pass Thru     45. First Go Left/Right   Next Go Left/Right
46. Zoom     47. Fluteter Wheel Family   48. Sweep a Quarter
LIST NO.9 (BASIC) 49. Veer Family     50. Trade By     51. Touch 1/4     52. Circulate Family
53. Ferris Wheel
Mainstream Program
LIST NO.10 (MS) 54. Cloverleaf     55. Turn Thru     56. Eight Chain Thru     57. Pass to the Center    
58. Spin the Top
LIST NO.11 (MS) 59. Centers In     60. Cast Off 3/4     61. Walk & Dodge     62. Slide Thru
63. Fold Family
LIST NO.12 (MS) 64. Dixie Style to an Ocean Wave     65. Tag Family     66. Half Tag     67. Scoot Back
68. Hinge Family     69. Recycle